Garbicz Camp


Information Sheet
Per Anhalter Garbicz Camp | 20 – 23 Aug 2020
if you have any questions left, please drop us an e-mail.



Arrival Time
(Gates are open till 10 PM and will be open again the next day between 10 AM and 2 PM)

Departure Time

Bus Shuttle / Bassliner
From Berlin to Garbicz: Thu 20th Aug 10 AM & 6 PM + Fri 10 AM
From Garbicz to Berlin: Sun 23rd Aug 3 PM & 9 PM + Monday 11 AM
You will find a Code (example) inside your ticket account, shuttle available over

Car or Camper
If you need to drive with a car, please make sure that as many people as possible sharing the ride, please use this sheet to organise car lifts. A Camper Pass will be available on the entrance for 50€ and a Car pass for 25€ (for environmental reasons please use the provided bus shuttle)

If you wish to stay one day longer, you can get an additional day pass for 45€ at the entrance.


Hygiene & COVID-19

Measures and safety precautions – These apply here in Garbicz as well as everywhere.

  • Keep your distance, 2 meters is ideal to help fight the spread of any illness.
  • Cough and sneeze in the inside of your elbow, not on your neighbor or your hands.
  • Share tents only with members from your own household / family or “close friends” (other word), and make sure to leave a 5 meter space in each direction from the set-up spot.
  • Disinfect and wash hands regularly. There will be designated spots, please use them.
  • Please do not arrive if you feel unwell, there will be temperature controls at the entrance
  • Wait only in designated, marked areas.
  • Bring your own masks! Please wear your masks where you get very close to other people, like lines for food or other areas of close contact.
  • Access to the premises only with a fully completed Corona declaration.
  • Don’t share cigarettes or any kind of smokes, straws, cups or dishes.
  • Be aware of yourself – please let us know right away if you feel bad.


  • Cancellation, Refunds – If you can not attend the event for personal reasons, we grant you a return possibility until 4 days before the event. We will refund your money with a reduction of 10€ transfer fee. In case of a lockdown we will process the refund with the same fee.
  • Are my Garbicz Festival tickets valid for these events – your ticket for Garbicz Festival 2020 is not valid for these events, as Garbicz Festival will return next year with all the content you paid for with your ticket. These camping weekends are just an opportunity for you to return and touch base with the land and help support us financially in the meantime.
  • Children – Children under 12 are free, 12-18 pay full price and must be accompanied by an adult. No children during the Celebration event weekend.


  • Parking: If you come by car you can park it next to the tent so you can keep your belongings safe there. Please don’t move your car again until you leave Garbicz.
  • Campers / Caravans: Your ‘home is where you park it’ is welcome at the Garbicz Camps. Please check with the parking stewart on-site where best to park it.
  • Dogs / Pets: However much we love your pets, please leave them at home. They are not allowed on site.
  • Rubbish and Recycling: We don’t leave a trace on site. This means all of us, yes you also, make sure any rubbish is in the right trash bin, divided correctly so we can recycle.
  • Tents: If you don’t have any camping gear, please write an email at to find out more about our accommodation options.

Food and Drinks

  • We are providing a mandatory Per Anhalter to Garbicz drinking cup for a deposit of 8€. When you’re leaving, you can decide whether you keep the cup or get the money back.
  • What’s on-site to eat: We have a variety of food stalls activated for you over the weekend
  • Payment options: We are ONLY able to take CASH PAYMENTS this weekend so make sure you bring enough cash over the weekend
  • Bringing your own food: We will provide some basic kitchen amenities for those who may need to cook their own food, please bring your own plates and cutlery as they will not be provided.

Other Things to keep in mind

  • Going on and off-site – You will be allowed to leave the site but if you plan on driving in and out you will not be able to camp with your vehicle and will have to leave it at the entrance.
  • Mosquitos – They love it here, and want to eat you lots. So bring enough mosquito repellent!
  • Dogs / Pets – However much we love our furry friends, they are unfortunately not welcome at Garbicz. Please leave them with a sweet caretaker and enjoy a weekend off Pet-duty.
  • No photos – Please put your phones away, we don’t need Zuckerberg knowing how good this place is.
  • Safe space – Garbicz is a safe space, for everyone. We don’t discriminate, hate, judge or harm others with our words, thoughts or actions. Come as you are.
  • No speakers allowed – We would like to ask you to not bring your own speakers, not even small ones. Without the festival running we have different sound permits and we also would like to give our neighbours some peace of mind during these tough times on planet earth. Sound systems will be confiscated, sold online and the proceeds donated to Sea-Watch, so help us keep things shanti by leaving them at home, we promise you that you will not need them with you!
  • Leave No Trace – neither the trees nor the lake like cigarettes or plastic. Help us by putting rubbish in the bin, taking it with you. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
  • Respect the COVID-19 regulations – let’s stay healthy. Bring a mask, keep a safe distance, and make sure you look over our Health and Safety guidelines. Safe is sexy!
  • Low immune systems: If you feel ill, or have a low immune system for any reason, we’d like you to stay as healthy as possible and not join us on these weekends, we would like you to stay safe!
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