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Our next cosmic adventure is edging closer and we're following two fundamental intentions regarding our common journey: We create a particular mindful exploration in a tropical locality and at the same time we bear a great deal of responsibility towards mother nature.
For this given reason, we decided to neutralize 50% of the carbon footprint that will be generated by every guest travelling outside of Turkey to Bonjuk Bay. The costs for this service is already included into every sold ticket and will be put into effect by GO2-green Events.

You can fill up your carbon footprint neutralization from 50 to 100% by paying the fee.

Statement of Go2Green Events regarding how the money will affect their actions
"We confirm that Ecomapuá remains protected and has not been affected by the current increase in deforestation in Brazil.

The project owner dedicates his efforts towards developing alternative actions to generate income for the local communities and several meetings have been held in the past 12 months.

Currently, over 50% of the carbon credit revenues are exclusively destined to social initiatives, such as sustainable açaí management, organic certification, trainings and courses, creation and maintenance of co-operative associations, support to the community school and health treatments for the community, among others."

In addition, since any deforestation identified inside the project area shall be discounted from the credits generation in the following monitoring report, it is in the owners interest to keep the forest safe and prevent deforestation.

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